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Samantha Willner

Samantha was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1991 when she was just one year old. Since then, she has worked in the T1D world in several capacities, most recently as development director for JDRF International, and previously chairing JDRF's Outreach Mentoring Program in NYC. She earned a B.S. in Communication from Cornell University and is currently working on a Master of Public Health at Yale University. Outside of school and work, Samantha is an avid world traveler and passionate writer/storyteller. You can follow her adventures with diabetes on her blog,, or on Twitter and Instagram @SamanthaWillner.

Buzzing Bella: Part II

“Samantha is going to change your site this weekend—whether you like it or not—because mommy and I will be on vacation. Wouldn’t you rather she practiced while we’re still here?”


Buzzing Bella

I babysit for a little girl named Bella* with brown, curly hair and an adorably raspy voice two sizes too big for her. She’s four-years-old, stubborn, impetuous, and an absolutely brilliant liar.