Well, isn’t this funny;
I’m suddenly green!
No, not green; aquamarine
How interesting!

What a curious color
with all of its hues
The subtle viridescence;
the rippling blues

So beautifully new!

This shade becomes me,
and matches my eyes
Oh, I must show everyone;
they’ll be so surprised!

But, hold on a minute…
Did you see that pink?
I just caught a glimpse–
So girly and chic.

…I think I’ll be pink!

I could also be yellow
Or more like chartreuse;
eye catching and bold
I simply can’t choose!

There’s too many colors,
and way too much time
Why stay stuck at violet,
when I could be lime?

Or crimson part-time!

There’s a Crayola spectrum
made just for me
It’s unfair to pick one,
when I could have…three!

Something fluorescent
for bright, sunny days
Pastels in the springtime;
opaques when it rains

A rainbow of change!

Tell me what you think!

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